Global travel

you can complete travel package at one stop. Visa , Insurance , Air Ticket and Private hire. All you can get in one transaction . If you are still looking to get limited service from us. you can get it as well.

protech solutions

We are providing excellent features to our customers to build a new website for their business, migrate their running business from offline to online and grow their business at an international level.

elite bespoke

You are no longer have to travel to the tailors. We are now online and we can also visit you. We take your measurements at a place of your choosing and you pick your fabrics and style
  1. BGSL Provide bespoke packages in global market to fulfil appropriate solutions of client’s requirement in the travel, fashion and information technology industries. Feel free to contact us on relevant Project website to get better deal for you or you can contact head office directly your enquiry will be forwarded to relevant project director.
  2. BGSL deliver complete customized product & service to clients in IT , Travel and fashion industries with the brands name Protech Solutions | Global Travel | Elite Bespoke.

Why us?

We are for you 24/7 to complete the client tasks in all our projects.

client satisfaction

Our clients of all the above projects have give us 4/5 in various digital platform

Free Consultation

We do provide free initial consultation in all from our Projects Directors or Area Managers.

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